Recruitment Process


The documentation process varies from country to country and in some case separate from company to company.We provide definite process and steps for collecting,analysing and preparing document.We have experienced personnel who will be responsible to guide our client to consider every minute steps while we prepare manpower documents.


This letter is issued in the name of Naaz group, has details information regarding number of workers ,nature of job with required category,salary,duty hours,food and accomodation facilities,overtime ,transport,insurance of workers ,residence permit and other benefits.Please prepare this letter in company head with complete seal and signature and attest this document first from the "Chamber of Commerce and Industry" of the concerned country and the Nepalese Embassy.


Power of attorney is legal confirmation letter for Naaz group ,that verifies Naaz group has authority to select employee on behalf of employer.The Power of Attorney must be attested by the Nepalese Embassy existing in the country of the employment and endorsed by its Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


The employing company provide the employee employment agreement as per demand letter in which following should clearly be stated: working hour, overtime, leaves, probation period, provision of living accommodation, medical treatment and catering etc.The Employment contract must be duly endorsed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Chamber of Commerce & Industry and finally attested by the Nepalese Embassy existing in the country of employment.


This is Commercial contract between the employer and our agency, duly signed and stamped by both parties.


This is confirmation letter for workers issued for the recruitment of workers required by employe company,clearifying that workers will not be transferred to another country without approval of competent Nepal Government authorities.


Authority provided to the Agent in Nepal to act on employer's behalf in the country where the embassy is located. Please prepare this letter in Company's letter head with complete seal and signature and then attest this document first from the "Chamber of Commerce & Industry of the concerned country", " Ministry of Foreign Affairs" and the "Royal Nepalese Embassy".

Recruitments and Selection

There are three main selection procedures


As a vary first step and crucial workout is selecting employee.The Naaz Group will short-list the workers from several applicants through interview and monitoring phenomena .In some cases,the Employers directly select workers by video conference through skype.


The short-listed workers are further selected by employers company through interview.Many employers visit Nepal for final interview.


Candidates finally selected will be mobilized for medical examination in an authorized hospital or clinic. Only candidates found medically fit for foreign employment are sent for the further visa process.


A minimum of two weeks is required, to mobilize candidates after selection and receipt of visa for actual deployment.

Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions are based on the Foreign Employment Act of Nepal. They mainly focus for benefit and rights of the migrant workers.

1. Final Interview of the selected workers would be carried out within 10 days after receiving the original documents (Demand Letter, Power of Attorney, Guarantee Letter, Employment Contract and Service agreement between Company and our agency).    

2. Arrangement for deployment of worker would be made within 10 days after we receive visa copy except if the visa is not necessary to endorse in the passport. If the visa endorsement is required it will take at least 45 days.

3. Free replacement would be made with new workers if any worker is found unqualified for the assigned work within 90 days after he assumes the job.

4. The company in contract should clearly mention the salary of a worker and other facilities .

5. As per the Nepalese government's directives, the employer company should offer following facilities to the workers in written contract.

  • Salary
  • Accommodation
  • Food
  • Transportation
  • Medical facilities
  • Insurance of worker
  • 8 hours per day
  • 8.Six-days a week
  • 15 days leave in a year
  • Residence permit
  • Over time (O.T.) if worked more than 8 hours a day

Required Documents

Country Demand Letter Employment Contract Power Of Attorney Agreement Paper
Malaysia Yes Yes Yes Yes
UAE Yes Yes Yes Yes
Qatar Yes Yes Yes Yes
Saudi Arab Yes Yes Yes Yes
Kuwait Yes Yes Yes Yes